Screening Criteria for the Major Chronic Diseases

How Screenings Currently Fall Short

Each year, we are recommended to be screened for a plethora of conditions. The whole point is to help save you from late sate events like Stage IV cancer, Heart Attack, and Type 2 Diabetes. Yet, every year many of us fail to get screened for these conditions and it may cost those that don’t their life. So how many of us are not getting screened for these conditions.


Breast Cancer


of eligible women have not had a mammogram based on current screening criteria.

Colorectal Cancer


of patients are not up-to-date and 25% have never been screened at all.

Lung Cancer


of high-risk patients did not receive a recommended, annual screening.

Chronic Conditions

Heart Disease


of people do not know their cholesterol and blood pressure- the two main indicators of heart health.

Diabetes Type 2


that meet screening criteria were not properly screened. 1 in 5 (7 million) with diabetes do not know they have it.

Mental Conditions



of Americans currently suffering from anxiety are not in treatment



of those with depression are not seeking treatment.

Substance Use


of individuals with addiction have sought treatment.

What are the Criteria for these Screenings?

Got it, many of us are not up-to-date on our health screenings. But how do I know when to seek that particular screening?


Breast Cancer

  • Under 40: No need, unless told otherwise by your care professional.
  • 40-44: Time to bring this up with your care professional, but not yet required.
  • 45-55: Annual testing required
  • 55+: At least bi-annual screenings

Colorectal Cancer

  • 45-75: Regular screenings recommended (colonoscopy every 10 yrs or DNA stool test every 3)
  • 76-84: Discuss your options with your doctor.
  • 85+: Screenings no longer recommended!

Lung Cancer

  • Current smoker or quit within the last 15 years AND
  • Above 55 AND
  • Smoked at least 30 pack-years
    • 1 pack/day for 30 years
    • 2 packs/day for 15 years
    • 3 packs a day for 10 years, etc.

Chronic Conditions

Heart Disease

  • Blood Pressure Reading: You should have your blood pressure checked at least annually.
  • Cholesterol: Blood work that checks your cholesterol levels should be done annually.

Type 2 Diabetes

  • Blood Sugar Check: Diabetes is checked with blood work, and should be done annually. Cholesterol and blood sugar can be checked at the same time.

Mental Health

Mental Screenings

  • Anyone over the age of 12 should take a mental health screening annually. If you feel like you are struggling before a year, the tools can be used more often. 

Are You Screened?

Not sure if you are due for a health screening? We cover many of the major screening statuses in our health assessments. Select one to see your status.


Chronic Conditions

Concerns with Mental Health

Mental health has hit an all-time high since the beginning of the pandemic. Assess your mental health for our represented conditions and address your results with your care provider.

Health Assessments