The Patient Navigation Platform

RiskAverse is reimagining the way payers, providers, and non-profit organizations engage and direct their members through a seamless experience.

Delivering Value Through Three Simple Steps

Step 1

Take an Assessment

Allow members to go through one of our dynamic and customizable risk assessments. With over 200 risk factors identified, encompassing medical history, social determinants of health, lifestyle, and behavior, we can add any criteria that you need for key insights into your represented population.

Step 2

Review your Results

We don’t just stop at a static report page and leave the member wondering what to do next. By working with at-risk groups, we tailor the recommendations to each organization’s specific needs. 

Based on the member’s risk-level and answers to the questions, our platform instantaneously provides an action-step for them to engage in after they complete an assessment.

Step 3

Facilitate Connection

After the member clicks on the action-step button, we present them with the most ideal resources (i.e., care management programs, supplemental benefits, chronic disease educational material, etc.) and enable them to get connected to those resources in just three clicks!

Who We Serve

For Patients

Within a single experience, RiskAverse’s platform enables the patient to educate themselves and utilize recommended resources based on their medical history, social determinants of health, lifestyle, and behavioral habits.

For Payers

RiskAverse streamlines the member journey and simplifies the engagement process for you. As a result, you are able to maximize utilization of programs and reduce disease progression by guiding members to the care they need.

For Non-Profits

Expand community impact at-scale. Through any marketing channel, you can deliver educational experiences to all of your members to drive engagement to key resources and upcoming initiatives.