RiskAverse Partners with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance of Central MA

The Objective

RiskAverse will educate members of the Alliance and the Central Massachusetts community about the risks of colorectal cancer and direct those that are due for a screening to their partnered screening partner, UMass Memorial Hospital’s Gastroenterology Department.

How it Works

We built a custom experience that assesses an individual’s risk and eligibility for a colorectal cancer screening. All eligible individuals are then informed of their qualification and directed to the nearest UMass Memorial Screening Location.

Example Use Cases

Eligible and Past Due for a Screening:

Eligible but Up-to-Date for a Screening:

The Goals

  • Increase colorectal cancer awareness in Central Massachusetts
    • The importance of regular screenings
    • The factors affecting an individual’s risk for developing colorectal cancer
    • Recommended action steps that individuals can take to limit their risk
  • Deliver a seamless experience between the Alliance’s members and their screening partner, UMass Memorial
  • Improve early detection and prevention rates by increasing the total number of screenings in the central MA population