Enhance Benefits Utilization Through Our Customizable Platform

RiskAverse helps you engage members with customizable risk assessments and recommends the ideal program based on your member’s coverage.


The member finally has an action step where they can facilitate their own enrollment into a recommended program within seconds! A frictionless, member-driven experience.

How it Works

Engage Member

Engage members through any marketing channel for all high-cost conditions, with targeted assessments to determine eligibility for enrollment in your desired benefits solution.

Curate Offering

Based on your member’s responses, our platform determines their risk of disease development and recommends the ideal program for them to enroll in.

Facilitate Enrollment

In order to limit drop-offs and close the care gap, the member is allowed to immediately request enrollment in a program within three clicks.

Funnel Data

To ensure a personalized experience, we funnel all relevant data to the endpoint solution.

Our Offering

The Key Benefits

Increase Accurate Coding

Minimize Phone Calls

Maximize Utilization & Outcome Measures

Improve Quality Metrics

Reduce Progression of

Limited Workflow & IT Lift

What the Numbers Say


social, behavioral, and medical factors collected through customizable, health assessments


completion rate on our assessments, which have an average completion time of 4:28 minute


of individuals navigate to the recommended action after completing an assessment

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