Lemon Cayenne Tea

Cooking Utensils

Saucepan, Cutting Knife

Prep Time

0-2 Minutes

Cook Time

5-15 Minutes

Lemon for immune health and cayenne for digestion makes this a great tea option to help keep you happy and healthy!

Health Information

Basic Nutrition

Not a significant source of major nutrients.


1/2 Lemon

2-3 dashes of cayenne (or to taste

8 ounces of water


Step 1:

Bring water to a boil and add the lemon, and cayenne to the saucepan. Lower to a simmer and cover the saucepan

Step 2:

Let the tea simmer for 2-5 minutes, then enjoy!

Tips & Tricks:

  • If you want a caffeinated boost, while the water is simmering, add a tea bag of green or black tea.
  • Consider adding ground ginger for extra benefits!
  • Need a sweetener? Honey pairs well!