Colorectal Cancer

will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in their life

Using Targeted Nutrition to Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk

The following nutrients have been found to be promising for the prevention of colorectal cancer.

Resistant Starch

An undigestible carb that acts very similar to fiber to aid in digestion


Sufficient consumption is linked to reduced incidence. Over consumption is linked to increased risk


Obtained from dietary sources and is linked to reduce risk


Powerful antioxidant compounds found in plants that give them deep colors. They limit inflammation and excess, cellular growth


Most commonly associated with strong bones. When consumed at higher levels, calcium reduces breast cancer incidence


An amazing spice with a plethora of benefits, garlic is great for digestion and colorectal cancer prevention.


You can't live without water and further motivation to drink more water is that it reduces colorectal cancer risk

Improve your long term health and limit your risk for colorectal cancer with our holistic wellness platform, Synergy. We research all the best sources of these nutrients to provide you with meal plans to limit your colorectal cancer risk.

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