Brain Function

100% of the function of our brain is influenced and promoted through an effective diet

Using Nutrition to Improve Brain Function

Your brain is a fine-tuned machine with very specific requirements to function properly. Providing it with the nutrients it needs everyday is going to help you achieve the clarity you need to power through the day!


Vital to brain function, it is involved in the transmission of information from neuron to neuron

Soluble Fiber

Reinforces a healthy gut biome which enhances learning and memory, and prevents diseases like Alzheimer's


Maintains a healthy gut-brain relationship, which reduces inflammation, and enhances neuron communication


Increase energy in those suffering from neurodegenerative disease; also shown to have cognitive-enhancing effects

Omega 3s

Cross the blood-brain barrier to positively affect neurons and prevent certain neurological diseases


Reduces inflammation which leads to less fogginess, while also protecting against diseases like Alzheimer's

Vitamin B12

Deficiency can lead to folate deficiency, which impairs cognitive function

Vitamin B6

Deficiency associated with reduced cognitive function


Lowers inflammation and homocysteine levels, and decreases your risk of dementia

Vitamin D

Deficiency is associated with increased amyloid-beta plaques, which can lead to disorders like depression, dementia, and schizophrenia


Supports the chemical acetycholine which carries brain signals associated with memory and function

Vitamin C

Bolsters brain function by allowing for neurons to efficiently pass signals to each other

Vitamin E

Increases cognition and acts as an antioxidant, protecting the brain from damage

Beta Carotene

Shown to improve cognitive impairment in those suffering from Alzheimer's


Maintaining sufficient levels is associated with proper cognitive function and development


Crucial for the transmission of oxygen to your brain, which prevents fatigue and fogginess

Now it is time to apply this information into your daily diet for optimal brain function. Our wellness platform, Synergy, generates personalized nutritional plans to help you promote healthy goals like brain function.