Immune Health

50 million Americans currently suffer from immune system issues, predominantly due to lifestyle habits

Using Nutrition to Promote Immune Function

The nutrients listed below help to maintain your immune system, so you can fight off foreign invaders and maintain proper cellular function.

Vitamin C

Phagocytes and T cells, critical immune components, need vitamin C to function properly


Deficiency associated with dysfunction of B and T cells, which fight foreign pathogens

Vitamin D

Deficiency linked to increased autoimmunity and susceptibility to infection

Soluble Fiber

Provides the food for the good bacteria in your gut which supports the entire immune system


Good bacteria found in cultured food that enhances the microbiome and bolsters immune response


Reduces inflammation which can stem from eating excessive processed meats and added sugar


The elixir of life!

Vitamin A

Enhances immune function to fight infections; also, can reduce symptoms of diseases

Vitamin E

Supports function of immune cells, while preventing cellular damage that can cause cancer

Beta Carotene

In dietary form, it increases immune cells and function, and shows cancer-fighting properties

Vitamin B12

Aids white blood cell production, which helps combat foreign invaders


Deficiency linked to decreased resistance to infection and decreased T cell immune response


Deficient individuals are more prone to infection


Improves immune response to protect against aging and infection; powerful antioxidant that reduces inflammation

A healthy immune system is one of the most important components of maintaining a full “bill of health”. Through a targeted diet, you can incorporate foods into your daily routine that promote activity of various aspects of your immune system. Join our wellness platform, Synergy, to receive a personalized regimen and address your immune health.