Gut Health

You are not eating for one, but 100 Trillion.

Nutrients that Best Support the Gut

The are approximately 100 trillion species of bacteria in your gut microbiome. What you consume will influence the strains that thrive in that environment. Certain strains will work cohesively with you to promote a number of health benefits when you consume the proper nutrients. However, others will wreak havoc on your body, especially when your diet is poor. Learn about best nutrients for gut health below.

Soluble Fiber

Serves as the nutrients for good bacteria in the gut


The same good bacteria found in the gut which further enhances the microbiome


Inflammation can be detrimental to the gut, as it causes free radicals to damage good bacteria


A powerful antioxidant that protects the microbiome by neutralizing free radicals


Improves gut dysbiosis caused by a poor, high inflammatory diet


An antioxidant providing many benefits after interaction with the gut, including reduced rates of diabetes and heart disease


Protects the microbiome by increasing diversity and reducing inflammation


The benefits are endless...

Step up your gut health efforts with the Synergy platform. By referencing the USDA database, Synergy can identify the foods that best align with your nutritional needs, such as those that support a healthy gut microbiome.