Bone Health

Over half of all adults above age 50 are at risk of fracture due to poor bone health

Maintaining Proper Bone Structure and Function with Nutrition

Supporting bone health through a proper diet is essential to day to day life. Your bones take are under a lot of strain by constantly holding you up, and need all the help they can get to keep up. Below are the nutrients that are most vital to proper bone health.

Vitamin D

Facilitates calcium absorption and prevents osteoporosis

Vitamin K

Necessary for bone maintenance and calcium reabsorption


Primarily stored in our bones and prevents osteoporosis


Deficiency can hinder calcium absorption and promote inflammation


Aids bone mineralization and improves bone density


Helps remove toxins (especially mineral water)


Increases calcium retention

Time to start upping your efforts to help your body maintain proper structure with our wellness platform, Synergy. Synergy identifies the best food sources for the nutrients that you need to achieve you health goals. 

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