Aging (Skin & Hair)

Your body replaces its skin every 27 days using the food you consume...

so "you are what you eat", literally.

How You Can Help

Diet is more than weight control when it comes to how you look and feel. Through a healthy diet, you can promote vibrant, healthy looking skin and hair by enriching them in the following nutrients.

Vitamin C

Helps prevent UV radiation damage and restricts wrinkles through collagen creation

Vitamin E

A vital sun protector, especially when combined with Vitamin C

Vitamin A

Maintains a robust skin structure and absorbs UV rays that can damage the skin


Protects skin from sun damage that can lead to dark spots and wrinkling (found in red and orange vegetables)


Neutralizes excessive sun exposure; can also maintain hair volume


An anti-aging component that protects neurons (found in exclusively fruits and vegetables)


Defends against UV radiation (found mostly in red fruits and vegetables)


Topical application preserves healthy skin and safeguards against skin darkening and wrinkling


Promotes hair growth in women with temporary thinning; also fosters overall skin health

Green Tea

Prevents characteristics of skin cancer; repairs DNA after UV ray exposure

Soluble Fiber

Promotes gut health and protects against effects of neuronal damage; an unhealthy gut is linked to aging issues


Improves protection from sun damage and helps treat skin disorders like eczema

Omega 3s

An excellent skin health resource that protects skin damage by neutralizing free radicals


Essential for skin hydration and maintaining intact skin cells

So what are all these nutrients? Where do they come from? Our personalized nutrition platform uses the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference to find the best sources for these nutrients and then creates recipes for those foods to fit your goals. Join Synergy today to begin living young!