How Dandelion Tea Promotes Every Day Health

How Dandelion Tea Prevents Chronic Disease

Dandelion Tea and Cancer

Numerous studies have shown extracts of the dandelion root inducing cell death selectively in human pancreatic and skin cancer cells. They can be used as a natural therapeutic for even chemoresistant forms of cancer. (1, 2) Cancer becomes much more fatal once it has metastasized and migrated throughout the body, so finding easy dietary means to prevent and even treat cancer early in its progression is important for survival.

Dandelion Tea and Diabetes

In animal studies, dandelion root extract was shown to possess an anti-hyperglycemic effect. Supplementation of the extract resulted in lower insulin resistance, a prediabetic condition. Additionally, the extract may also improve insulin secretion. By addressing early signs of diabetes development, dandelion tea can help prevent a diabetes diagnosis entirely. (3)

Dandelion Tea Also Supports Immune Health and Digestion

Dandelion root intake may be a preventative measure for addressing both liver injury and irregular digestion. Dandelion root promotes the natural flow of bile, suggesting it may also assist the liver in cleansing toxins from the body and in absorbing nutrients properly. (5) Additionally, the roots of the dandelion plant are rich in a bioactive carbohydrate known as inulin, which helps eliminate pathogens from the digestive tract. (6) Dandelion tea conditions the body to repair damage already accumulated and prevent further damage, infection, and ailment.