How Black Tea Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

How Black Tea Prevents Chronic Disease

Black Tea and Cancer

The research on black tea’s impact on cancer is still inconclusive. Studies have seen increased risk and decreased risk associated with black tea consumption. Black tea contains the same compounds as green tea, but at lower concentrations. With that being said, green tea is the superior cancer preventing agent. (1)

Black Tea Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Black tea consumption has been shown to reduce total and LDL cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure. (2)

  • Maintaining lower levels of total and LDL cholesterol is important for heart health. In large quantities, LDL cholesterol can bunch together and block blood flow. (2)
  • High blood pressure puts excess pressure on the lining of your blood vessels, causing increased inflammation and exacerbating issues associated with cardiovascular disease. (3)
Best results were seen at at least 3 cups of basack tea per day (this is less caffeine than two cups of coffee).

Black tea and Diabetes Prevention

Consumption of at least one cup of black tea per day was shown to reduce type 2 diabetes incidence by 14%. (4) Black tea improved glucose levels in both healthy and prediabetic patients.

Black Tea Promotes a Number of Health Benefits

Black Tea Boosts Gut Health

Plant compounds found in black tea travel unabsorbed by the digestive tract until they reach the colon, at which point they interact with the bacteria that reside there. In the colon, black tea compounds have been shown to boost strains of good bacteria that limit heart disease risk and systemic inflammation. (5)

Black Tea Supports the Immune System

Black tea contains thearubigins. These compounds are formed through the fermentation process used to make market black tea, and they have been shown to assist the disease-fighting function of gamma delta T cells. (6)