How Pistachios Help Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrient Content (1 oz)


Excellent Source of: 

  • Vitamin B6- 24%

A Good Source of:

  • Thiamin- 16%

Also a Source of:

  • Folate- 4%


Good Source of: 

  • Copper- 18%
  • Manganese- 17%
  • Phosphorus- 14%

Also a Source of:

  • Magnesium- 8%
  • Iron- 6%
  • Zinc- 4%


A Good Source of: 

  • Fiber – 12%

Also a Source of:

  • Antioxidants – Lutein, Beta Carotene, Tocopherols
  • Omega 6 Fatty Acids
  • Phytosterols

*All nutritional Info From (1)

How Pistachios Prevent Chronic Disease

Compared to other nuts, pistachios contain higher concentrations of bioactives that support chronic disease prevention.

How Pistachios Prevent Cancer

The combination of nutrients found in pistachios has linked its consumption to reduced colon cancer rates (2).

Carotenoids are powerful polyphenols that display anti-cancer properties. Lutein, alpha carotene, and beta carotene consumption is associated with reduced breast and lung cancer rates (3). It is important to note that their effect is strongest when they are obtained through dietary items, rather than through supplements. Supplemented forms of beta carotene have even been shown to increase risk of lung cancer (4).


How Pistachios Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

  • Cholesterol levels are closely linked to heart disease risk. High levels of LDL cholesterol increase your risk of heart attack and stroke. When LDL is present in high levels, it clumps together and sticks to arterial walls, blocking the flow of blood. Once attached to the wall, the cholesterol can then be oxidized, making it nearly impossible to be remove from the wall. The buildup can continue and eventually lead to clots causing heart attack or stroke (5).
    • Pistachio consumption has been shown to raise HDL cholesterol, which is the good kind that helps regulate bad cholesterol levels. Pistachios also help to prevent cholesterol oxidation and to prevent progression towards serious medical events (6).
    • Pistachios also contain phytosterols that impede LDL cholesterol absorption into the blood, thus preventing plaque buildup (7).

How Pistachios Prevent Diabetes

  • Pistachios are a great resource for diabetes prevention, as they contain mostly healthy fats, fiber, and protein. They do not impact your blood sugar significantly, and the fiber and protein help to fill you up quicker and keep you fuller for longer. These qualities help to prevent overeating and slow digestion to prevent high blood sugar spikes.

Pistachioes Promotes a Number of Health Benefits

How Pistachios Promote Vision

As mentioned previously, pistachios contain the carotenoid lutein. Lutein is typically found in fruits and vegetables–pistachios are a unique nut-based source. Lutein protects your eyes from many things: it filters blue light to reduce strain on the eyes and protects against age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is the number one cause of vision loss and impairment in adults. Lutein has been shown to slow its progression and even reverse it (8).

How Pistachios Promote Gut Health/Digestion

The fiber found in pistachios promotes digestion by adding bulk to your stool to promote regulate bowel movement. Alternatively, pistachios have been shown to positively impact gut health by increasing butyrate-producing species (9). Gut health is linked to immune response, nutrient absorption, and the modulation of autoimmune disorders (10).