How Plums are Good For Your Health

Nutrient Content


Excellent Source of (Daily Recommended): 

  • Vitamin C – 26%

Good Source of (Daily Recommended): 

  • Vitamin K – 13%
  • Vitamin A – 11%


A Source of:

  • Potassium – 7%
  • Copper – 5%
  • Manganese – 4%


Also a Source of:

  • Fiber – 9%
  • Polyphenols – Anthocyanins

*All nutritional information found at (1)

How Plums Prevent Chronic Disease

Plums, like many fruits, prevent several chronic diseases that plague America today. Most notably, plums help prevent cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

How Plums Prevent Cancer

In general, fruit are recommended to help prevent cancer. Plums are a great resource to incorporate into your diet to prevent various cancers.

  • Plums are rich in antioxidants, which are essential for combatting excess free radicals. Free radicals can damage your tissues and lead to the development of tumors and cancer.

  • Specifically, plums are rich in anthocyanins, which are an important class of polyphenols. (2)

  • Anthocyanins help reduce your risk of cancer.

How Plums Prevent Diabetes

  • Plums are somewhat high in carbs compared to other fruits. However, they seem to regulate your blood sugar levels very well. This is due to the high levels of adiponectin found in plums. (3)

  • In addition, plums are rich in overall fiber. Fiber is essential in the prevention of diabetes because it makes you feel fuller for an extended period of time. Ultimately, fiber helps you consume less during your meals and maintain a balanced blood sugar level. (4)

How Plums Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Plums are rich in antioxidants which may help lower bad LDL cholesterol and prevent it from oxidizing. Our diets typically include foods that increase bad LDL cholesterol levels. This can increase chances of heart disease. (5)

  • Antioxidants prevent the LDL cholesterol from clumping together and sticking to your blood vessels; this takes strain off your blood vessels and helps minimize the stiffness of the arterial walls.

  • Plums can also increase the good HDL cholesterol levels in our bodies. A low LDL: HDL ratio is critical for maintaining good heart health.

  • Also, plums are rich in fiber and potassium. These have both been shown to improve your overall heart health. (6)

  • Via multiple mechanisms, plums keep your heart healthy and free of disease. (7)

Plums Promote a Number of Health Benefits

Plums not only help to prevent diseases, but support and promote the function of several important systems in our bodies.

How Plums Promote Bone Health

  • Plums have been shown to reduce your risk of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease caused by low bone density, and it makes your body especially weak to any impact. (8)
  • Plums have been shown to potentially reverse the bone loss that often accompanies skeletal diseases. It is thought that the vitamin K, potassium, and magnesium levels in plums may provide bone-protecting effects. (9)

  • Moreover, the high levels of polyphenol antioxidants offer another route towards improved bone health: another reason why plums should be added to your diet! (10)

How Plums Promote Digestive Health

  • Plums are rich in fiber, which can help feed the good bacteria in a healthy gut microbiome. As a result of the water and fiber content, plums help you maintain regular bowel movements and digestive health. (11)

How Plums Prevent Constipation

  • A large portion of the fiber found in plums is insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber does not mix with water. As a result, plums can help treat constipation by speeding up the rate at which waste moves through your digestive system. (12)

  • Prunes, or dried plums, are notorious for their ability to alleviate digestive issues, and research supports these claims. (13)

Concerns with Plums

As mentioned above, plums are useful for relieving constipation. However, for the same reasons, it is essential to note that overconsumption of plums may lead to diarrhea.