How Pineapples are Good For Your Health

Nutrient Content


Excellent Source of (Daily Recommended): 

  • Vitamin C – 131%

A Source of:

  • Vitamin B6 – 9%
  • Thiamin – 9%
  • Folate – 7%


Excellent Source of (Daily Recommended): 

  • Manganese – 76%

A Source of:

  • Copper – 9%
  • Potassium – 5%
  • Magnesium – 5%


Also a Source of:

  • Fiber – 9%
  • Antioxidants – Bromelain

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How Pineapples Prevent Chronic Disease

Pineapples, like many fruit, prevent several chronic diseases that plague America today. Most notably, pineapples help to prevent cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

How Pineapples Prevent Cancer

In general, daily fruit consumption is recommended for cancer prevention. Pineapples are a great resource to incorporate into your diet to prevent various cancers.

  • Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation typically lead to cancer development. Pineapples are loaded with antioxidants that can help fight against oxidative stress and act as anti-inflammatories. (2)

  • Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation are caused by free radicals. When they are present in excess, free radicals can be harmful to many tissues in our bodies. When present at normal levels, free radicals are helpful, as they can help get rid of waste around the body. Free radicals in excess start disrupting critical systems found throughout the body. (3)

  • Pineapples are rich in a group of digestive enzymes called bromelain. Bromelain has been shown to reduce the proliferation of many kinds of cancer cells, including breast, skin, colon, gastric, and more. (4)

  • Bromelain has been found to be a catalyst for white blood cell production; this may be the mechanism by which it fights off these deadly cancer cells and eliminates them before they can spread. (5)

How Pineapples Prevent Diabetes

  • Pineapples are incredibly crucial for blood sugar control and type 2 diabetes prevention. As you have sugary and carb-loaded foods, your body breaks them down and uses the hormone insulin to recruit cells to uptake simple sugars for fuel. If there is an imbalance between the number of blood cells and simple sugars in the bloodstream, you have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. (6)

  • The fiber found in pineapples can help prevent you from over-consuming during meals and spiking your blood sugar levels. (7)

  • Antioxidants can also help prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. (8)

How Pineapples Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Pineapple is rich in potassium, vitamin C, and fiber. All of these nutrients have been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease. Sufficient consumption of potassium helps to lower blood pressure. (9)

  • Cholesterol: Our diets typically include foods that increase bad LDL cholesterol levels. This can increase chances of heart disease. Pineapple is rich in antioxidants which may help lower the bad LDL cholesterol and prevent it from oxidizing. Oxidized LDL cholesterol clumps together and sticks to the arterial walls. Preventing oxidation can take strain off of your blood vessels. The antioxidants that are present in pineapple flesh can help remove LDL cholesterol. This improves the ratio of LDL cholesterol to the good HDL cholesterol–this ratio is an important biomarker of heart disease and stroke risk. (10)

Pineapples Promote a Number of Health Benefits

Pineapples not only help prevent diseases, but support and promote the function of several important systems in our bodies.

How Pineapples Promote Digestion

  • Pineapples have a high water content. They also have plenty of fiber, which can feed the good bacteria, promoting a healthy gut microbiome. As a result of the water and fiber content, pineapples help maintain regular bowel movements and digestive health. (11)

  • Pineapples are also rich in the antioxidant bromelain. Bromelain helps break down food molecules into smaller molecules, such as amino acids. which can then be absorbed by the small intestine with ease. Bromelain takes strain off the pancreas, improving overall digestive health. (12)

How Pineapples Promote Immune Health

  • Pineapples are loaded with vitamin C, which has been shown to increase white blood cell production. White blood cells are essential for fighting against infections and helping the body heal from wounds. Vitamin C also helps promote skin health and prevent sunburns. (13)

How Pineapples Prevent Arthritis

  • The antioxidants in pineapple help prevent arthritis and standard age-related joint pains.

  • Bromelain has rich anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation can increase risk of arthritis. (14)

How Pineapples Promote Injury Recovery

  • Similar to its effects on arthritis, bromelain helps reduce swelling, bruising, and pain associated with sports and surgery. This activity helps speed up recovery time. (15)