How Grapes Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrient Content


Excellent Source of: 

  • Vitamin K – 28%
  • Vitamin C – 27%

Also a Source of:

  • Thiamin – 7%
  • Riboflavin – 6%
  • Vitamin B6 – 6%


Good Source of: 

  • Copper – 10%

Also a Source of:

  • Potassium – 8%


Also a Source of:

  • Antioxidants – Resveratrol
  • Fiber

*All nutritional info from (1)

How Grapes Prevent Chronic Disease

Grapes and their powerful antioxidants have been rigorously studied for their effectiveness in preventing chronic disease. The phytochemicals found in grapes have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Reducing inflammation can help prevent all diseases listed below. (11)

How Grapes Help Prevent Cancer

Consuming fruit, in general, is widely accepted as an effective strategy in cancer prevention. (2)

  • Resveratrol: An antioxidant found in high concentrations in grapes is resveratrol. Resveratrol has shown promising results in studies on prevention of colorectal and breast cancers in animal models. (3)
  • Grapes have been shown to help stop the spread of cancers, and they are specifically effective against colon and breast cancers. (4,5)

How Grapes Help Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

I am sure many of you have heard that red wine is good for your heart when consumed in moderation. It makes sense then that grapes, which compose wine, offer similar benefits.

  • Grapes are a good source of copper. There is a growing body of evidence that has shown that insufficient copper consumption is associated with increased cardiovascular risk. (6)
  • The plant compounds found in grapes known as polyphenols have been shown to reduce cardiovascular mortality. (7)
    • Grapes inhibit LDL cholesterol oxidation. This prevents LDL cholesterol from sticking together and blocking your arteries. Ultimately, this helps lower your risk for heart attack and stroke. (8)

How Grapes Help Prevent Diabetes

Consumption of whole fruits like grapes may help reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. (9)

  • Polyphenols found in grapes, including resveratrol and flavanols, possess the potential to reduce hyperglycemia and protect against pancreas beta-cell loss. (10) Both of these conditions are typically associated with the development of type 2 diabetes.

Grapes Promote a Number of Health Benefits

How Grapes Promote Brain Function

One study showed that subjects given a grape formulation had significantly less functional cognitive decline than those that did not get the formula. (12)

Another study showed that those who drank purple grape juice had enhanced cognition and mood. (13)

How Grapes are Antimicrobial

Some of grapes’ phytochemicals are considered to be antimicrobials, meaning they prevent the growth of microbes such as fungi and bacteria. (14) Grapes’ antimicrobial compounds are predominantly found in the skin and seeds.

How Grapes Promote Vision

Resveratrol’s anti-inflammatory properties can reduce damage to the DNA in eye cells, protecting them from a number of diseases. (15)

Concerns with Grapes

Resveratrol is predominantly found in red grapes.

Many of the beneficial chemicals are found in the seeds, so getting seedless grapes will impact health benefits.