How Cherries Are Good For Your Health

Nutrient Content


Excellent Source of: 

  • Vitamin A – 40%
  • Vitamin C – 26%

Also a Source of:

  • Riboflavin – 4%
  • Vitamin K – 4%


Source of:

  • Manganese – 9%
  • Potassium – 8%
  • Copper – 8%


Good Source of: 

  • Fiber – 10%

Also a Source of:

  • Omega 3s
  • Manganese- 9%
  • Copper- 8%
  • Potassium- 8%
  • Antioxidants- Anthocynanins

*All nutritional info found at (1)

How Cherries Prevent Chronic Disease

Cherries, like most other fruits, offer several health benefits, including prevention of chronic diseases. Most notably, tart cherries have the highest anti-inflammatory capacity of any food. (2)

How Cherries May Help Prevent Alzheimer's and Other Neurological Diseases

One animal study showed that tart cherry supplementation improved memory and significantly reduced inflammatory markers. This suggests that tart cherries may possess promising neuroprotective qualities, primarily by protecting neurons from degeneration. (3)

How Cherries Help Prevent Cancer

  • Fiber: Cherries are a good source of fiber (10%), and fiber consumption has been shown to reduce risk of various cancers, including breast and colorectal. (4,5)
  • Inflammation: Chronic inflammation is now considered a risk factor for cancer. Cherries have one of the highest anti-inflammatory capacities. (6)
  • Antioxidants: Anti-inflammatory properties come from high levels of antioxidants. Two types of great interest are anthocyanins and ellagitannins. Anthocyanins, which give cherries their bright red color, have been shown to have anti-cancer properties. (7) Ellagitannins are being studied for potential preventative effects in breast, cervical, digestive, prostate, and skin cancers. (8)

How Cherries Help Prevent Diabetes

Cherries are loaded with polyphenols, and a polyphenol-rich diet has been shown to protect against diabetes. (9). Cherries, also a good source of fiber, help combat diabetes. Both forms of fiber, soluble and insoluble, help reduce diabetes risk. (11)

Cherries Help Promote a Number of Health Benefits

How Cherries Promote Mental Health

Cherries’ anti-inflammatory properties alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Symptoms of anxiety and depression are exacerbated by bowel inflammation, as much of the inflammation that can impact the brain resides in the gut. (12) The study of the bi-directional gut axis has shown that inflammation in the stomach (which diet can influence) can lead to increased inflammation in the brain, causing anxiety and depressive symptoms. (13) Further studies need to be executed, but many experts have advocated for an anti-inflammatory diet to promote mental health.

How Cherries Promote Sleep

In one systematic review, cherries were shown to improve sleep in 4/4 studies analyzed. (15) Cherries are one of the only natural dietary sources of melatonin, and they therefore promote sleep as melatonin controls the body’s internal clock. High levels of melatonin can help induce sleep. (16) Moreover, improved sleep reduces the risk of just about every chronic disease as well! (18)

How Cherries Alleviate Joint and Muscle Pain

The high anti-inflammatory capabilities of cherries have also led them to be studied for joint pain treatment and muscle soreness, and for diseases like arthritis as well. Cherries were effective in treating all of the above, making them an excellent choice for these experiencing pain or recovering after a hard workout. (1920)

How Cherries Promote Immune Health

Cherries are a great source of the antioxidants ellagitannins. These antioxidants have potent antimicrobial effects and combat the growth of fungi, viruses, and bacteria. (21)

How Cherries Promote Digestion

Cherries are a good source of fiber and, therefore, help to promote and regulate digestion. (22)

Concerns With Cherries

A lot of studies were conducted on cherry juice (i.e., not the whole fruit). The anti-inflammatory components of cherries can be predominantly obtained through just the juice, but the juice is high in sugars and therefore should be consumed in moderation.