Proactive Patient Engagement & Navigation

Increase engagement and utilization of your health services by leveraging RiskAverse’s automated, navigation platform.

3 Steps to Success

Build patient navigation experiences with NO CODE


Through any marketing channel, create personalized, outreach strategies for each patient. Segment your outreach through any datapoint (i.e. demographic, risk level, diagnosis, etc.) to allow for unique engagements to reach specific target populations.

The RiskAverse platform is meant to support current workflows in a scalable manner, rather than replace them.

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Connect the patient to a fully customizable assessment to capture any necessary or missing information. Based on their responses, our platform determines risk level, eligibility for health services, and the best “call to action” for the patient.

With this information, a custom report page is generated. This allows patients to educate themselves, build trust with your organization, and proactively self-navigate themselves to the ideal services and programs.

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RiskAverse connects the patient to the enrollment workflow for the determined service. These workflows include targeted call-lines, scheduling tools, sign-up pages, and more.

To ensure the patient enrolls, we use pre/post- enrollment engagements to remind the patient of their appointment and any actions they need to take. 

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Full Control Every Step of the Way!

We take the technical lift off your plate, but leave you complete control of the design.

Who We Serve

For Patients

Within a single experience, RiskAverse’s platform enables the patient to educate themselves and utilize recommended resources based on their medical history, social determinants of health, lifestyle, and behavioral habits.

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For Payers

RiskAverse streamlines the member journey and simplifies the engagement process for you. As a result, you are able to maximize utilization of programs and reduce disease progression by guiding members to the care they need.

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For Non-Profits

Expand community impact at-scale. Through any marketing channel, you can deliver educational experiences to all of your members to drive engagement to key resources and upcoming initiatives.

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