Identify and direct
high-risk members
at the right time.

RiskAverse uses unique assessments to engage members and identify high-risk members for costly conditions. After completing the assessment, we navigate the members to the appropriate care to promote better outcomes and lower costs.


social, behavioral, and medical factors collected through customizable, health assessments


completion rate on our assessments, which have an average completion time of 4:28 minutes


of individuals choose to be directed to the appropriate care to help their current circumstances

How we drive results

Enhanced Assessment Experience

Our assessments take into account over 200 unique risk factors that lead to various acute and chronic conditions. We empower the member to only disclose information directly relevant to their health concerns. All responses are then stored in a central database allowing for expanded insights beyond the scope of the individual assessment.

Navigate Members to Preferred Clinical Pathways

Based on their responses, our dashboard acts as a central triaging mechanism to navigate the member down the best clinical pathway (i.e., preferred, high-quality providers, benefit programs, etc.). Based on your needs and current benefit services, we are able to customize the criteria that needs to be reached for a member to be directed to a specific program.

Improve Benefit Utilization Rates

Depending on your plan’s needs, RiskAverse can provide our own engagement platform (i.e. nutrition counseling or food delivery) or work with your current services to provide more comprehensive and personalized recommendations to your members.