Take Complete Control of Your Health and Your Benefits

We get it, healthcare is complicated. There are a lot of factors involved in making decisions about your health. Our assessments take out the guesswork by analyzing your responses and telling you exactly what you should do based on your coverage and health needs!

How we Help


Go through dynamic risk assessments and receive hyper-personalized engagement recommendations.

More Control

You can navigate yourself and are empowered to be more proactive in seeking the care you need.

Better Experience

Skip the call times, the guesswork, and enroll in the care solutions in just 3 clicks after a recommendation.

Offering Services to All Areas of Health

Everyone is different and thus requires different services. You should not have to answer irrelevant questions, instead just those that are relevant to your health. As a result, RiskAverse separates our assessments to allow you to address your health concerns directly. Find out what care you may need in 1 minute!

Recursos adicionales

We want to provide you with the ability to take healthy actions outside of the doctor’s office as well. One of the best ways to improve your health, both physically and mentally, is through changes in your diet. We have created guides to help you find the most effective ways to do just that. Once you understand your health risks, you can take direct actions in your diet to help limit them!

Guía Nutricional

Nutritionist-Approved Recipes