Maximize Your Annual, Community Impact with RiskAverse

Educate and engage your community with unique and fully customizable experiences. We’ll take out any of the IT lift on your end. We can capture a holistic view of your members and direct them to your highest priority resources that best suit their needs (i.e. community partners, upcoming events, educational materials, etc.). So far, we’ve seen a 90% engagement rate on our assessments. Through RiskAverse, you can drive tangible action and education amongst your members and maximize your metrics for annual reporting.

Cómo Funciona

Step 1


Do you have infographics, upcoming events, or a new podcast series you would like to get in front of your members? We work with your team to decide the best topic, questions, and links to include in the experience within one call.

Step 2


Once we have the details sorted out, it is time for us to do our magic. The platform customizations on our end will take us no longer than a week, so you can constantly be running new campaigns to keep your members highly engaged!

Step 3


Once you are satisfied with the setup, we can launch your campaign to your community with the click of a button. Our marketing automation takes care of the outreach by generating custom interactions with each member to maximize your educational efforts.

Step 4


Watch as engagement goes up and your impact reaches new heights. We have an analytics dashboard that helps you track engagement, health metrics, member satisfaction, and more in real-time! After the launch, we will work directly with you to ensure that you get the most out of the platform.

Our Offering

The Key Benefits

Increase Community Impact

Gather Key Health, Demographic, and Community Metrics

Improve Member Engagement & Retention

Drive Impressions to Key Resources

Deliver Timely Referrals to Community Partners

Limited Workflow & IT Lift

What the Numbers Say


social, behavioral, and medical factors collected through customizable health assessments


completion rate on our assessments, which have an average completion time of 4:28 minutes


of individuals navigate to the recommended action after completing an assessment

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