How to Manage Your Risk For Chronic Diseases

Nearly half of all Americans (~133 Million) have at least one chronic disease. Chronic disease is amongst the most burdensome and costly to the healthcare system. It is believed that 80% of chronic diseases are preventable through lifestyle changes, and as many as half the people suffering from these diseases don’t even know they have them. Learn below what you can do to help yourself for some of the most prominent chronic diseases.


Screening Recommendations

  • Annual blood work is typically recommended and covered
  • Under 45: Those at high risk: overweight, low activity, poor diet
  • 45+: American Diabetes Association recommends regular screenings at this point

End-Stage Renal Disease

Screening Recommendations

  • Stage 3 and 4 Kidney disease patients should be regularly monitored
  • Age 60+ individuals at high risk: African American, previous kidney conditions, a family history of kidney disease, or diagnosed with hypertension/diabetes.

Enfermedad cardíaca

Screening Recommendations

  • Annual blood work after 20
    • Check LDL, HDL, and Total Cholesterol  Levels and Triglycerides
  • Annual Blood Pressure Readings for high risk and at least readings every 3-5 years for average risk individuals