End-to-End Digital Engagements

Build personalized patient engagement journeys that are ready to launch immediately. Track users across the journey and deliver real-time touch points across the journey to maximize activation.

  • Unlimited Outreach: Build journeys with custom-crafted emails and text messages and send them at scale to your populations.
  • User Tracking: Track users across the journey to deliver timely engagements that nurture them into enrolling in eligible care services.
  • Event Level Data: Gather user engagement data to follow up with users at different stages of the journey.
  • Escalations: Alert care teams of adverse events from specific users. (i.e. concerning responses, drop-offs, etc.) 
  • Reporting: Reports available on the whole journey, channels, and individual engagements on their success to help update and refine future engagements.

Build a Digital Strategy that Leads to 25% Engagement and 8% Enrollment

Steps to Launch a Journey

Step 1: Select Target Population

We can filter your population down to any known or missing data point, so you can tailor your engagements to be personalized.

In this case, we targeted all patients diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and COPD who do not have access to transportation.

Step 2: Craft Digital Engagements

Our customizable platform allows you to craft unique engagements to each patient population – it will be as if the care team was reaching out themselves.

We would either import your desired templates or help you craft new ones.

Step 3: Build Your Journey

Fully automate the order, cadence, and reporting for your target population.

All insights gathered across this journey are passed to your care team.

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