Create my Own Breakfast Time Grain Bowl

Cooking Utensils

Saucepan and Stove Top, or a Microwave

Prep Time

3 Minutes

Cook Time

1 – 5 minues

Grain bowls in the morning provide a large portion of fiber to your day that helps keep you full much longer. Fiber keeps you full, slows digestion and keeps you regular!

Read Before Making a Grain Bowl

  • Try to use a saucepan and cook them on the stove top for best results, but you can also use a microwave as well.
  • A pinch of salt (not much at all!) goes a long way when building a sweet tasting grain bowl
  • If you are going to sweeten your bowl, try to use natural sources like maple syrup and honey.
  • if using oats, rolled oats and oat bran are great choices as they are quick to make!
  • Breakfast time grain bowls are a super healthy choice, so do not be afraid to mess with portion sizes of ingredients to get to a taste you like!

Selecting Your Ingredients

Ingredients are broken down into Bases, Liquids, and Add-ins.

1. Bases (Pick At Least 1)

Serving Size: 1/2 cup of dried grain

Rolled Oats


1. Liquid (Pick 1)

If you are looking for a creamier bowl, then choose milk or a milk alternative, but if you do not want to wait longer, then use water.

Serving Size: 1 cup

Almond Milk

Oat Milk

Soy Milk


2. Add-ins (Pick At Least 1)

Your add-ins are going to be what gives these bowls the flavor, so consider what you are in the mood for. Some of our favorites include berries, yogurt, and nut butters  

Note: We always recommend throwing in at least half a banana, as it adds a bunch of natural, healthy sweetness to the smoothie


Buy frozen fruit, or freeze fruit going bad. It is cheaper and lasts longer. Also, the frozen berries will melt in the warm bowl adding a lot of great flavor to the oats and cooling them down quickly for quick consumption.

Serving Size: 1/2-1 Banana, 1 Apple, A Handful of Berries/Cherries, 1/2 Mango, 1/4-1/2 Cup Pineapple


*Digestion, Fiber*

*Anti-Cancer, Fiber*

*Anti-Cancer, Fiber*


*Vitamin C, Fiber*

*Anti-Cancer, Fiber*

*Anti-Cancer, Fiber*

Nuts & Seeds:

Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon (high calorie, do not exceed 2 tablespoons in one serving!)

*Protein, Heart Health*

*Protein, Extra Fiber*

*Gut Health, Extra Fiber*

*High Protein, Extra Fiber*


Serving Size: To taste (do not exceed half a dark chocolate bar, 1 tablespoon of cacao, or 1 scoop of protein powder)

*Gut Health, Calcium*

*High Antioxidant Activity*


*Crunchy Texture, Fiber*


If Cooking in a Sauce Pan

Step 1:

Add 1 cup of water (per serving) to a sauce pan and bring to a boil.

Step 2:

Lower the temperature to a low setting and add your grain, a pinch of salt and any sweetener you plan of using. 

Step 3:

Lower the temperature to a low setting and add your grain, a pinch of salt and any sweetener you plan of using.

Step 4:

Lower the temperature to a low setting and add your grain, a pinch of salt, any sweetener, and cinnamon- if using it- to the pan Then stir it together and let sit until the liquid is absorbed into the oats.

Step 5:

Add your fruit and mix it in then top with the rest of your add-in and either mix the ingredients to the bowl or consume as is.

If Using the Microwave

Step 1:

Add the amount of oat/quinoa you desire to consume, and then fill bowl with water, or your choice of milk, to just above the height the oats are filled to.

Step 2:

If using water, cook in microwave for 1 minute, or until the water is predominantly absorbed

If using milk, cook for 1 minute – 1.5 minute increments until the oats/quinoa are soft and your milk has been absorbed- stirring in between each microwave sequence.

Step 3:

Mix together the bowl and then add any fruit (especially your frozen fruit) you will add to the bowl and mix quickly for a few seconds

Step 4:

Top with the rest of your add-ins and feel free to mix it all together or consume them unmixed- your choice!