Your Health, YOUR Way

Based on customized health assessments, our platform identifies the actions that you need to take to address your immediate or long term health. 

Using machine-learning, our platform assesses the areas of health most relevant to you and provides you with targeted recommendations and referrals to help you take control of your health.

How it Works


Our assessments provide a holistic view of your health, while identifying your risk for acute and chronic conditions. As you answer more responses in the assessments, our platform is able to more accurately recommend your next steps.


Let our platform do its magic! As you answer more responses and assessments, our algorithm will more accurately determine your risk for various diseases.

Machine Learning


Based on your results, our platform identifies and recommends any actions that you need to take to address your immediate and long-term health.

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Take Action

With the click of just a few buttons, get directed to a specialist/screening facility, book an appointment with your doctor, and access lifestyle changes to improve your health.

Screening/Specialty Referral

Book a Visit With Your Doctor

Lifestyle Recommendations

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