Early Detection and Prevention of
Progressive Diseases

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Our Methodology

A chronic disease prevention platform that allows you to understand how your lifestyle puts you at risk from the comfort of your own home. By 2020, approximately 157 million Americans will be diagnosed at least one chronic illness, but there is hope! Forty percent of all cancers and 80% of other chronic illnesses are preventable through a healthy lifestyle. We took over 30 years of research across thousands of scientific publications and developed our algorithm that generates a digital risk score. Based on your responses, our data-driven platform then engages you with targeted recommendations. These are simple solutions that have been shown to reduce your risk of developing these diseases; helping you to live a healthy and full life!

Steps to a Healthier Future

By following these four steps, you can optimally reduce your risk of ever getting one of these progressive diseases

Step 1: Take the Quiz

Take our Health Risk Assessment to analyze your risk for various progressive diseases.

Step 2: Check your Results

Through our algorithm, we will identify your environmental risk for our progressive diseases. We will also offer you input on the lifestyle/environmental factors you perform well/poorly.

Step 3: Go further in-depth

After you sign up for our platform, you will have the option to go further in-depth on our disease-specific quizzes.

Step 4: Enter the Engaging Platform

By selecting a few risk reducing solutions, we will optimally engage with you throughout the course of the week to participate in these risk-reducing solutions!

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