Preventing chronic disease,
one step at a time

Even the smallest changes to your lifestyle can have profound effects on your risk for chronic disease. 

RiskAverse is a digital health company empowering individuals to take control of their health through increased education and engagement.

How it works

Step 1
Start your journey

Based upon 40+ years of research data, our health risk assessment will ask you lifestyle, environmental, and familial questions to assess your risk for several chronic diseases.

Step 2
Study your results

We provide a personalized risk score and report page for you to learn more about the risks contributing to a certain chronic disease.

Step 3
Personalized action plan

(COMING SOON) We will provide your “action call." We will work with you to add positive habits into your life. Sign up for our waitlist to be the first to find out when this feature is available!

Step 4
A healthier future

Watch your score go down as you add these habits and reduce your risk for chronic disease, while improving your overall wellbeing.

Take a quiz, find out your risk.

Sign up for the waitlist

We’ll email you as soon as our personalized action plan feature is available. We’re also working on an overall health risk assessment that tells your risk for diabetes, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and coronary artery disease all at once.